Save energy without reducing light levels

As we are ever more reminded of the need to conserve energy worldwide to protect our planet for future generations, lighting manufacturers around the globe are striving to manufacture more energy efficient lighting systems...

Venture Lighting is leading the way in developing lighting energy efficient products to reduce overall energy usage costs throughout the world but without compromising on lighting quality. Our pulse start metal halide lighting systems are widely regarded as the most advanced available offering more light than conventional systems, excellent colour uniformity, longer life and significant energy savings. Making the most of Venture's highly efficient lighting technology can result in significant benefits in terms of restoring our overall environment to a greener and cleaner world for us to enjoy.

Save up to 50% of your Energy Costs by switching to these Energy Saving Products...

200W replaces 250W metal halide lamp
320W* replaces 400W metal halide lamp
350W replaces 400W metal halide lamp
875W replaces 1000W metal halide lamp
Ventronic Control Gear - Reduces energy consumption of most HID lamps

Now calculate how much YOU can save using our handy online energy calculator!

* when operated on Ventronic ballast